CTO Cybersecurity Forum, Yaoundé Edition, Write Up Part 2 : Critical Information Infrastructures Protection Workshop

Following the first part of the return on the 3rd CTO Cybersecurity Forum (which is reachablehere) in the afternoon of Thursday, April 25, there were two tracks of choice and ours was to participate in the workshop on the Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) led by David POLLINGTON from Microsoft Security in partnership with FIRST (Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams).

From the outset, the master session insisted that while it is Microsoft, during the workshop there will be no sale of any product of the firm’s employment, but rather to share  State of the art and best practices for CIIP and what is being done at Microsoft to get there.

The workshop was divided into two parts:

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection: Concept and Continuum: on the definition and contours of the Critical Infrastructure (CI) concept.
  • A Framework for Critical Information Infrastructure Risk Management, which offered us a set of process dedicated to the identification and management of risks in our CIIs(Critical Information Infrastructures).

For this purpose, two books were given to us, each focusing on a part of the workshop.

Speaking about CIIP, we should already be able to differentiate what is Critique and what isn’t. The criticality notion is variable from one state to another, there are no fixed patterns on it. However, some areas are included in several Critical Infrastructures models / catalogs in the example of Energy, Finance, Water, Transport, Food, Public Safety, …
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CTO Cybersecurity Forum, Yaoundé Edition, Write Up Part 1

Last days, was held at the Palais des Congrès of Yaoundé 3rd Cybersecurity Forum organized by the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation (CTO). We had the opportunity to take part in this event with the assistance of the organizing committee of the CTO Event, who has kindly granted to the non-governmental organization working in the areas ofCybersecurity and Awareness of populations in Cameroon called « Cameroon Cyber ​​Security (2CS) », a free entry pass. For information, note that access to the various workshops was paying, to the order of 130,000 FCFA and more per person, depending on the member’s affiliation. We hereby wish to thank the organizing committee of the CTO Cybersecurity Forum for their encouragement to our local initiative.

The venue does not have an Internet connection, which is quite curious especially because the Internet was cut the spotlight as the subject, it was impossible to livetweet the event in its entirety. However, you can reach some of the tweets made during the various workshops that were held over via the hashtag #CTOSecure on Twitter.

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