Project Sonar : from #ScanAllTheThings to #GrepAllTheThings… here we go !


“Unity is strength !” is with these words that I summarize initiative launched by the holders of this project.

There’s a few years, scan the Internet in its majority* was a challenge for which he had to bring adequate resources, not to mention special (bandwidth, storage space, equipment … ).
These days , with the development of tools, techniques, and lower infrastructure costs, the challenge is smaller. Indeed, the news of theses last months reveals that it is now possible to scan the entire Internet to IP version 4 (see ) on a specific communication port in less than an hour [1] or less. [2]
Over time several projects in this direction have emerged, among them in 2012 and we got the Internet Census project whose the process of research is pretty debatable but whom gave results of great value to the Tech community (the valuable…

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